Principal Carrie-Anne with Daughter/Teacher Brittany

Esteem was born from a desire to offer a truly unique environment that was devoid of any normal pressures that are associated with dancing. As a mum first and foremost, I wanted to provide a dance company that  fitted my expectations for my own children’s growth but also one that had a realistic expectation of costs associated with dance.

Promoting self Esteem from an early age is also something that resonates deeply with me, so I wanted to provide an environment that truly valued the individual child and put their emotional wellbeing first and foremost.  I love how Esteem has become a small family where life long friendships have been made and where I have had the privilege to watch so many toddlers grow up into amazing, self-confident young adults with many life skills they proclaim came from dancing at Esteem. I am blessed to have had my life enriched by so many beautiful children and families over the years.

These loyal families have helped grow and shape Esteem Dance Company into the friendliest and most nurturing of dance schools around.